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About Javier Rodriguez

Javier Rodriguez is a chef born in 1982 in Santiago del Estero, Northwest of Argentina. At the age of 18 he started working as a chef while he was studying at Law school. He spent 10 years learning in some renowned restaurants across Asia and Europe before returning to Argentina to open El Papagayo, his first restaurant in the city of Cordoba. Today he has 4 restaurants (El Papagayo, two Standard69 and DOC), 3 cafés and a boutique hotel, all of them in Cordoba. El papagayo has been voted as best restaurant for 7 consecutive years, and Standard69 as Best Casual Restaurant for 4 consecutive years. Javier is also the President of the Argentinean Bocuse D ́or Team, and a consultant for hotels and restaurants across Asia and South America. He has been awarded Entrepeneur of the year in 2020 and 2021.

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Javier Rodriguez

El Papagayo

Standard 69 Güemes

Standard 69 Villa Warcalde


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Standard 69


Arturo M. Bas 69.

Ciudad de Córdoba, Argentina


T: +54 (0351) 425 86 89


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